HALO wireless interactive headphones with detachable digital audio player

HALO Wireless Interactive Headphones provide new experience for its user, especially professional club DJs. These headphones integrate portable DAP (Digital Audio Player) which can be detached and used as separate device. This direct, cordless attachment of receiver with DAP allows for less frequency interference to eliminate poor sound quality experience to the user. The touch screen controller of DAP allows for an interactive control at the touch of your finger. It can also display cool visual effects when the DJ is performing in the club, creating a halo light encircle user’s head.

Designer : Jongha Lee

halo-wireless-headphone-concept-by-jongha-lee1 halo-wireless-headphone-concept-by-jongha-lee2 halo-wireless-headphone-concept-by-jongha-lee4 halo-wireless-headphone-concept-by-jongha-lee3 halo-wireless-headphone-concept-by-jongha-lee6 halo-wireless-headphone-concept-by-jongha-lee5 halo-wireless-headphone-concept-by-jongha-lee8 halo-wireless-headphone-concept-by-jongha-lee7 halo-wireless-headphone-concept-by-jongha-lee10 halo-wireless-headphone-concept-by-jongha-lee9 halo-wireless-headphone-concept-by-jongha-lee11


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