Lofty Tree Pod Dining at the Soneva Kiri Resort Thailand

At the resort Soneva Kiri in Thailand you can dine on the top of the tree literally. Enterprising owners came up with a dock big Wicker baskets with leather straps in local exotic trees and raise them on 16 feet tall. In these “nests” there are tables and chairs, where you can eat lunch, from the top there is a beautiful view of the beaches.

7928b_SonevaKiritreetoprestaurant2 7928b_SonevaKiritreetoprestaurant3 7928b_SonevaKiritreetoprestaurant4 7928b_SonevaKiritreetoprestaurant5 7928b_SonevaKiritreetoprestaurant6 b44fe_SonevaKiritreetoprestaurant7 f2d14_SonevaKiritreetoprestaurant1


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