D*Table gives 8 tables in 1


Inspired by geometry, the D*Table by D*Haus gives you 8 choices to configurate your table. It is bound to solve any table and storage solutions you might have. It’s not a table, it’s 8 tables in 1. The modular table can be transformed into the shape you need and any shape has plenty of storage space. It is available for £950.

D-Table-gives-8-tables-in-1-3 D-Table-gives-8-tables-in-1-4 D-Table-gives-8-tables-in-1-5 D-Table-gives-8-tables-in-1-6 D-Table-gives-8-tables-in-1-7 D-Table-gives-8-tables-in-1-8 D-Table-gives-8-tables-in-1-9 D-Table-gives-8-tables-in-1_1 D-Table-gives-8-tables-in-1-1 D-Table-gives-8-tables-in-1-2


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