3D-Cross-Over-Comic-Book-Characters-1 3D-Cross-Over-Comic-Book-Characters-2 3D-Cross-Over-Comic-Book-Characters-3

Just when you thought you had seen all that comic book inspired artwork had to offer, illustrator Gaikuo-Captain thought outside of the box for his Cross Over Comic Book Characters series.

What started as a search for a cool Weibo profile picture, sent the Beijing based chemical engineering student into a creative coma that birthed this amazing collection of superheroes and super villains. The series sees Gaikuo-Captain interacting with his drawings as if they are literally popping off the walls. There’s one of his throwing blows with Batman, another of him trying on Iron Man’s helmet, and even a selfie with the Batman’s arch nemesis, The Joker. Check out the collection of comic book characters crossing over into the real world below.

3D-Cross-Over-Comic-Book-Characters-4 3D-Cross-Over-Comic-Book-Characters-5 3D-Cross-Over-Comic-Book-Characters-6 3D-Cross-Over-Comic-Book-Characters-7 3D-Cross-Over-Comic-Book-Characters-9 3D-Cross-Over-Comic-Book-Characters-10 3D-Cross-Over-Comic-Book-Characters-11 3D-Cross-Over-Comic-Book-Characters-12 3D-Cross-Over-Comic-Book-Characters-13 3D-Cross-Over-Comic-Book-Characters-14 3D-Cross-Over-Comic-Book-Characters-8


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