RJ-Romain Jerome’s first pilot’s watch Spacecraft combines retro-futuristic aesthetics and horological complexity

Facilitating access to innovative, contemporary and offbeat watchmaking, while reflecting a new approach for the top Swiss luxury watchmaker RJ-Romain Jerome, here’s an exceptional horological creation that offers an ultra-new way of reading time. Dubbed as Spacecraft, it’s described to be RJ-Romain Jerome’s first-ever pilot’s watch which actually stems from the joint endeavors of Eric Giroud, Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, and Manuel Emch, and impressively features a complication with its own discreet charm, combined with a pure, restrained design. This 99-piece limited edition timepiece with a rectilinear profile boasting retro-futuristic aesthetics has been especially designed to delight the devotees of ultra-complicated watches with horological complexities and original products, and for the space pilots of the world to carry them off on an intergalactic mission to explore uncharted territories. However, the timekeeper Spacecraft reminds us of the Parmigiani Bugatti Vitesse timepiece whose dial is displayed at a 90° angle.


Notably, the three top names in the watchmaking industry including Manuel Emch, Eric Giroud, and Jean-Marc Wiederrecht pooled their idea and creativity to give rise to Spacecraft that impressively combines retro-futuristic aesthetics and horological complexity.


The Spacecraft is an unusual trapeze-shaped model featuring a black PVD-coated titanium case, while its rectilinear profile and its facetted surface echo the aesthetic of spacecraft.


Further, a black rotating disc with red indicator transferred on the sapphire crystal indicates the minutes on the top of the case, while the linear hour display is read off laterally, thereby giving time a whole new dimension.


Fitted with a black polyamide mesh strap, the Spacecraft conceals a complex movement that features a kind of spring-driven carriage that drives the hour display visible on the watch’s side by means of red-lacquered cursor moving beneath the metallised sapphire crystal every 60 minutes. And the dragging minutes, appearing on a black disc, are read off on the top of the case that also features beadblasted titanium plates.

And in the year 2012, we have seen that RJ-Romain-Jerome celebrated the Declaration of Independence by introducing the Liberty Enlightening watch, took us to the crazy round of video games with its limited edition PAC-MAN watches, introduced the DeLorean DNA watch which is a tribute to the legendary DeLorean, the Art-DNA collection, and the limited edition wristwatch with Space Invader design.

Via: RomainJerome


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