GWA Reveals 300 SLS Roadster

The 300 SLS Roadster modeled after the 1955 Mercedes 300 SC (W-188), by Gullwing America- GWA that specializes in what it calls “retro styling meets modern technology.”

The GWA 300 SLC, is based on the Mercedes-Benz SLS Roadster AMG, converted to look like a 1955 300S Coupe (W188).

The custom sports car is made by aluminum bodywork, powered by 3.5-liter Mercedes V-6 or 5.5-liter Mercedes V-8.

GWA-Reveals-300-SLS-Roadster-8 GWA-Reveals-300-SLS-Roadster-7 GWA-Reveals-300-SLS-Roadster-9 GWA-Reveals-300-SLS-Roadster-10 GWA-Reveals-300-SLS-Roadster-6

Press release:

GWA’s unique take on “retro styling meets modern technology” has caught the eye of an undisclosed client from Eastern Europe. This client has requested an exclusive sports car design that will be one-of-a-kind. A challenge that GWA was happy to take on.

For this particular project, GWA selected a 2012 SLS Roadster (R-197) as the base. Its platform running gear and interior features will require only slight changes, since this car is a masterpiece of technology already.

Where GWA will bring in their expert touch is with the handmade aluminum body, which will be modeled after a 1955 300 SC (W-188). Only 92 of these cars were ever made.

“We tried to keep the original lines of this model, which are timeless,” says Arturo Alonso, head of GWA. However, making it truly unique required some changes. This included changing the position of the pop-out rear spoiler and modernizing the headlights with LED’s. The grille was redesigned with an assertive, yet elegant, slant and illuminated emblem on the top.

The car also has custom made, 22 x 12 rear and 21 x 9.5 front, GWA Evolution wheels mounted on Continental tires. A special exhaust system and adjustable height suspension finish off the enhancements.

The culmination of GWA’s vision results in a 21st century 300 SLC, a convertible roadster with a removable hard top. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

GWA will oversee every step of the process until the car is delivered. They have no doubt it will be truly one of a kind and just what their VIP client is looking for.

Team GWA.

GWA-Reveals-300-SLS-Roadster-5 GWA-Reveals-300-SLS-Roadster-4 GWA-Reveals-300-SLS-Roadster-3 GWA-Reveals-300-SLS-Roadster-2 GWA-Reveals-300-SLS-Roadster-1 GWA-Reveals-300-SLS-Roadster-11 GWA-Reveals-300-SLS-Roadster-12 GWA-Reveals-300-SLS-Roadster-13 GWA-Reveals-300-SLS-Roadster-14 GWA-Reveals-300-SLS-Roadster-15


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