Exquisite Modern Villa with Eye-Catching Details in the Hollywood Hills

Designed by LA-based interior designer Angie Thornbury, this imposing 7.000 square foot home sits high atop the Hollywood Hills, above the famed Sunset Strip. According to the architects, “the house was built from the ground-up and has views from Downtown Los Angeles to the Pacific ocean. One of the most unique features of the home are the glass floor panels that allow you to peer down, into a two-story, stark white bar and sapphire blue wine cellar. There’s also an elevator that connects the first floor to the lower lobby bar/lounge and from this sparkling mirrored space, one enters a cavernous, deep blue theater. The den-like setting with upholstered walls offers cozy lounge seating on the ground floor and exclusive balcony seating above for prime viewing, making this the ultimate entertainment house. Designed as an eco-responsible property, Angie incorporated skylights, transoms and sidelights into every room for natural daylight to light the spaces and thereby eliminate the need for artificial lighting. At nightfall, the striking aesthetics can be lit up through a wireless remote to create lighting scenes.

modern-crib-Freshome02 modern-crib-Freshome03 modern-crib-Freshome04 modern-crib-Freshome05 modern-crib-Freshome08 modern-crib-Freshome13 modern-crib-Freshome14 modern-crib-Freshome15 modern-crib-Freshome18


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