Float-Among-The-Trees-in-The-Naka-Phuket-1 Float-Among-The-Trees-in-The-Naka-Phuket-2 Float-Among-The-Trees-in-The-Naka-Phuket-3 Float-Among-The-Trees-in-The-Naka-Phuket-4

A space that looks just like home in the serenity of Thailand is a new, daring hotel that sits up high designed by Duangrit Bunnag. With only 94 villas that cantilever out over the mountain, this hotel is surely one of a kind. The Andaman Sea glimmers beneath the hovering structures, but it’s the interior that’s really got all of the hidden gems.

Outdoor infinity pools, a spa, three restaurants serving local fresh fare, and views that are to die for complete your relaxing vacation and make it so that exploring the area becomes as detailed as gazing out of your villa window onto the private beach. The spaces were built into the land, not once removing a tree for the sake of architecture’s purpose. The entire feel of this boutique cocoon is that of exclusivity, and it certainly shows.

Float-Among-The-Trees-in-The-Naka-Phuket-5 Float-Among-The-Trees-in-The-Naka-Phuket-6 Float-Among-The-Trees-in-The-Naka-Phuket-7 Float-Among-The-Trees-in-The-Naka-Phuket-8 Float-Among-The-Trees-in-The-Naka-Phuket-9 Float-Among-The-Trees-in-The-Naka-Phuket-10


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