Luxury Velassaru Resort – Maldives

Velassaru Maldives – a luxury hotel in the Maldives is ready to give you unforgettable memories for a lifetime. Situated at 21 acre coral island area this mega resort is housing variety of spaces including deluxe bungalows, water bungalows, large water villas and beach villas having 28 rooms decorated with both modern and traditional interior, woodwork, marble and stones. Each room opens towards spectacular views of resort and Indian Ocean. Apart from accommodation this resort offers dozens of infinity pools, white sand beaches, open floor lunch, candle-light dinners and number of activities. The resort is open for families and couples at starting price of $460 per night. The minimum stay limit is four nights and the rates vary throughout the year.

Velassaru-Maldives-Luxury-Resort_BonjourLife-com-7 047-Velassaru-Pool-4943 Velassaru-Maldives-Luxury-Resort_BonjourLife-com-11 Velassaru-Maldives-Luxury-Resort_BonjourLife-com-27 Velassaru-Maldives-Luxury-Resort_BonjourLife-com-23 Velassaru-Maldives-Luxury-Resort_BonjourLife-com-35 Velassaru-Maldives-Luxury-Resort_BonjourLife-com-5 Velassaru-Maldives-Luxury-Resort_BonjourLife-com-4 Velassaru-Maldives-Luxury-Resort_BonjourLife-com-3 Velassaru-Maldives-Luxury-Resort_BonjourLife-com-2 Velassaru-Maldives-Luxury-Resort_BonjourLife-com Velassaru-Maldives-Luxury-Resort_BonjourLife-com-8 Velassaru-Maldives-Luxury-Resort_BonjourLife-com-18 Velassaru-Maldives-Luxury-Resort_BonjourLife-com-20 Velassaru-Maldives-Luxury-Resort_BonjourLife-com-21 Velassaru-Maldives-Luxury-Resort_BonjourLife-com-26 Velassaru-Maldives-Luxury-Resort_BonjourLife-com-28 Velassaru-Maldives-Luxury-Resort_BonjourLife-com-36 Velassaru-Maldives-Luxury-Resort_BonjourLife-com-34 Velassaru-Maldives-Luxury-Resort_BonjourLife-com-33 Velassaru-Maldives-Luxury-Resort_BonjourLife-com-30 Velassaru-Maldives-Luxury-Resort_BonjourLife-com-29


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