Falling in Love with New York City

For all that’s been said about New York this week, one thing is certain, New Yorkers sure are a resilient bunch. Here’s how a recent Huffington post writer describes the New York scene post Hurricane Sandy, “Even after four days without power and a crippled transportation system, camaraderie, not anarchy, was the prevailing sentiment in the city. People were sharing cabs, friends were volunteering their homes, those blessed with a functioning phone were lending it to people they’d pass on the street, and everyone, it seems, had a hot cup of coffee to spare.”

We’ve been featuring the photos of Guillaume Gaudet, a New York City freelance commercial photographer over the last few days, his stunning shot from Dumbo, Brooklyn, showed a completely dark street with a single ray of light brightening the old cobblestones. One of our Facebook fans appropriately called it, “a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Today, we bring you a collection of images Gaudet, a New York transplant from France, took of the thriving metropolis over a five year period or starting when he first moved to the Big Apple from his hometown of Paris. Just by looking through his photos, you can feel the love he has for the the city he now calls home.

As he says, “I have been lucky enough to have traveled quite a bit, yet as a photographer, New York remains for me the most inspirational city in the world. There is something fascinating about its raw energy and its ever-changing neighborhoods. Visually, the city keeps you on your toes. Its unique diversity makes it the perfect playground for a photographer. Walking in its streets, you can easily slip into a different world just by turning a corner or going up a block. Each of New York’s neighborhoods has its own soul and pulse. I never get tired of attempting to capture this city on film.”

42nd street reflection, NYC A face above you, Manhattan, New York bridge Brooklyn bridge after the rain at sunset, New York Brooklyn Bridge after the storm, New York SoHoBiker EarlyrunningundertheFDRDrive East Riber Bikeway sporting hour Saturday Night, Meatpacking soho Reflection on Washington Street, DUMBO, Brooklyn GirlschattinginBrooklynBridgePark Staring at me, NY Theblondeclimbingdownthestairs Thephotographerandthebridge watertower Umbrellas with a view, New York


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