Romain Jerome Presents Limited Watch Made From The Titanic Ship


Romain Jerome is a name that needs no introduction when it comes to creative watches. From his famousPac-Man watch all the way to his DeLorean offering, the man knows how to make stunning timepieces.

Taking a look at one of his older pieces here, the Titanic DNA 100th Anniversary Steampunk Watch with the black face is most definitely one of our favorite pieces from the watch maker. As you may have guessed, the watch’s bezel is constructed from steel taken from the sunken Titanic ship, which sunk exactly 100 years ago. Meanwhile black accents including the rubber strap and dial really set this piece off nicely. As with all of Jerome’s pieces, the Titanic Steampunk Watch is limited with only 2012 pieces available. The watch retails for a cool $15,600.

Titanic-100th-Anniversary-Steampunk-Watch-by-Romain-Jerome-2 Titanic-100th-Anniversary-Steampunk-Watch-by-Romain-Jerome-3 Titanic-100th-Anniversary-Steampunk-Watch-by-Romain-Jerome-4


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