Extraordinary Multifunctional Furniture for Small Spaces

Brad Pitt, our favorite celebrity design enthusiast, has explained, “I’m drawn to furniture design as complete architecture on a minor scale.” Nothing illustrates his point more than the marvelous multifunctional designs that are quickly becoming mainstays on in today’s economically aware, space-saving obsessed design circuit. From an all-in-one bicycle ironing board ladder clothes rack shelf to a table cum bookshelf made out of books, click through to check out some of the most innovative, versatile furniture on the planet.

La Clinica by Ciszak Dalmas

C008_Carro-Lungi_b-765x582 ciszak-dalmas_la-clinica_C007_b

Booken by Raw Edges for Lema Furniture

big_403541_5503_Booken_21-895x960 big_403541_6928_Booken_31

Le Hasard by smarin

513-hasard Multifunctional-Furniture-Set-by-Smarin-Le-Hasard-4 Multifunctional-Furniture-Set-by-Smarin-Le-Hasard-5 Multifunctional-Furniture-Set-by-Smarin-Le-Hasard-7

Maisonette by Simone Simonelli

16 SISI011-532x800 SISI022-532x800

BADAC the shelf life by Sang A Choi

badac_multi_purpose_furniture_sang_a_choi_006 Badac-le-plateau-de-vie-par-Sang-A-Choi-blog-espritdesign-1 Badac-le-plateau-de-vie-par-Sang-A-Choi-blog-espritdesign-2 Badac-le-plateau-de-vie-par-Sang-A-Choi-blog-espritdesign-3

Matroshka Furniture by Sara Remnerth, Anna Fossane and Anna Thorsaeus

7188 7191 7192 MAT4

Smart Kid by Adensen Furniture

smartkid01 smartkid02 smartkid04

Tre Table by Function Works

sehpa-3 TRE2 TRE3

Table in Wonderland by Charlotte Juillard and David Raffoul for Fabrica

Table-in-Wonderland-for-Fabrica-by-David-Raffoul-and-Charlotte-Juillard-on-flodeau.com-1-814x1024 Table-in-Wonderland-for-Fabrica-by-David-Raffoul-and-Charlotte-Juillard-on-flodeau.com-3 Table-in-Wonderland-for-Fabrica-by-David-Raffoul-and-Charlotte-Juillard-on-flodeau.com-4


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