Caribbean-Weekend-Home-Bonaire-Residence-by-Silberstein-Architecture-1 Caribbean-Weekend-Home-Bonaire-Residence-by-Silberstein-Architecture-2 Caribbean-Weekend-Home-Bonaire-Residence-by-Silberstein-Architecture-3

Made most famous as a highly sought after vacation destination, the Caribbean is home to some stunning architecture as well. The Bonaire House is the perfect example of this.

The contemporary residence has been named after the Caribbean Island of Bonaire where it is located and was designed by the team at Silberstein Architecture.  The two level home takes full advantage of the ocean front views with floor to ceiling windows, and a living room that opens up completely to the backyard where a beautiful infinity pool provides breathtaking views of the water.

Caribbean-Weekend-Home-Bonaire-Residence-by-Silberstein-Architecture-4 Caribbean-Weekend-Home-Bonaire-Residence-by-Silberstein-Architecture-5 Caribbean-Weekend-Home-Bonaire-Residence-by-Silberstein-Architecture-6 Caribbean-Weekend-Home-Bonaire-Residence-by-Silberstein-Architecture-7 Caribbean-Weekend-Home-Bonaire-Residence-by-Silberstein-Architecture-8 Caribbean-Weekend-Home-Bonaire-Residence-by-Silberstein-Architecture-9 Caribbean-Weekend-Home-Bonaire-Residence-by-Silberstein-Architecture-10 Caribbean-Weekend-Home-Bonaire-Residence-by-Silberstein-Architecture-11 Caribbean-Weekend-Home-Bonaire-Residence-by-Silberstein-Architecture-12


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