The hot and humid climate of Singapore makes the region the perfect candidate for open floor plans, and there is no better example of this than the beautifully designed ‘Fish House’ by Guz Architects.

The entire design for the residence was based off the concept of creating a close relationship between building construction and nature. The end product was nothing short of spectacular. The Fish House was built with a basement level media room equipped with u-shaped acrylic windows allowing guests a stunning view of the pool, and helping further than connection with nature. Other notable mentions include curved roofs which symbolize the sea waves, once again helping to make that relationship with nature through tie to the nearby ocean that can be viewed from several points throughout the household.

The-Fish-House-by-Guz-Architects-in-Singapore-0 The-Fish-House-by-Guz-Architects-in-Singapore-1 The-Fish-House-by-Guz-Architects-in-Singapore-2 The-Fish-House-by-Guz-Architects-in-Singapore-3 The-Fish-House-by-Guz-Architects-in-Singapore-4 The-Fish-House-by-Guz-Architects-in-Singapore-5 The-Fish-House-by-Guz-Architects-in-Singapore-6 The-Fish-House-by-Guz-Architects-in-Singapore-7 The-Fish-House-by-Guz-Architects-in-Singapore-8 The-Fish-House-by-Guz-Architects-in-Singapore-9 The-Fish-House-by-Guz-Architects-in-Singapore-10 The-Fish-House-by-Guz-Architects-in-Singapore-11 The-Fish-House-by-Guz-Architects-in-Singapore-12 The-Fish-House-by-Guz-Architects-in-Singapore-13 The-Fish-House-by-Guz-Architects-in-Singapore-14 The-Fish-House-by-Guz-Architects-in-Singapore-15 The-Fish-House-by-Guz-Architects-in-Singapore-16 The-Fish-House-by-Guz-Architects-in-Singapore-17 The-Fish-House-by-Guz-Architects-in-Singapore-18


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