A Flock Of Fire Dances Across The Screen In Universal Everything’s Primal Creation: Planet

Last week we welcomed Matt Pyke and Universal Everything as Creators, and heard how the design collective create the aesthetic behind their lush visuals that add a human touch to the codified world of digital animation. Along with learning about the techniques behind their work, we also introduced their latest project, a series of video sculptures for the Hyundai Motor Group’s Hyundai Vision Hall in South Korea.

The first of these beautiful animations was Made by Humans, where a super human form dances across a giant screen leaving colorful, lingering trails in its wake. Next up is Primal Creation: Planet, which features 1000 FPSfootage of molten metal filmed while dangling over the edge of Hyundai’s steel foundry.

The fiery volcanic liquid cascades around the screen like a vision from early earth, as the flock of fire crashes, splashes, and dances around, engulfing the spectators in a glowing tidal blaze—amounting to stunning and arresting CGI.

And if you missed them, you can watch the Made by Humans animation and profile documentary below.


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