Surreal Photoshopped Self-Portraits of Life in a Miniature World


Canadian photographer Joel Robison regularly creates surreal self-portraits that show what his life might be like if he found himself on the receiving end of a shrink ray. The conceptual photo-manipulations show him interacting with objects that are suddenly the size of trucks. In one image he is seen sitting on a Christmas tree next to some body-sized ornaments. In another, he’s exploring a globe while perched on top of a bottle of Coke.

Here’s what Robison tells us about his work:

The majority of my images are self portraits, I live in a smaller town with not a lot of people interested in modelling for conceptual photos.

I enjoy making the miniature photos because I believe it gives people the opportunity to see everyday objects in a new light. I like being able to take something as ordinary as a book or a typewriter or teacup and then turn it into something new or change it’s function. I’ve always been a fan of the book “The Borrowers” and it gave me a lot of inspiration to create my own series of a tiny person experiencing the larger world.

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You can find much more of Robison’s work over on his Flickr page. If you’re interested in purchasing prints of his work, he’s also selling them through a separate Etsy shop.


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