Sky Garden House by Guz Architects

Sky-Garden-House-by-Guz-Architects-01-630x422 Sky-Garden-House-by-Guz-Architects-02-630x422 Sky-Garden-House-by-Guz-Architects-03-630x422 Sky-Garden-House-by-Guz-Architects-04-630x422

With everyone trying to “go green,” it’s nice to see some architecture that not only supports the idea but does is remarkably well. The Sky Garden House by Guz Architectsfeatures a minimalistic design with a curvilinear flare. The house is located on a new housing estate on the island of Sentosa adjacent to Singapore.

Location: Sentosa Island, Singapore
Area: 852 sq. meters
Gross Floor Area: 654 sq. meters
Design Architect: Guz Wilkinson
Project Architects: Caroline Witzke & Szymon GoŸdzikowski

Sky-Garden-House-by-Guz-Architects-05-630x422 Sky-Garden-House-by-Guz-Architects-06-630x422 Sky-Garden-House-by-Guz-Architects-07-630x422 Sky-Garden-House-by-Guz-Architects-08-630x422 Sky-Garden-House-by-Guz-Architects-09-630x422 Sky-Garden-House-by-Guz-Architects-10-630x422 Sky-Garden-House-by-Guz-Architects-11-630x422


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