Home Workspaces

Secretly many of us would love to work from home in our pajamas with a cup of jo in hand without having to face the pressures of the outside world daily. What makes the idea even more enticing are the over-the-top phenomenal home offices and workspaces designers and homeowners are creating today. Many of the inspiring spaces we’re loving right now are fresh and modern with plenty of work area, lots of storage, great occasional furniture and wonderful natural light.

wood-paneling-700x523 white-loft-with-bookcases-700x524 white-home-office-700x453 rustic-grey-paneling-800x506-700x442 retro-home-office-decor-700x666 industrial-decor-700x933 large-home-office-700x394 mens-home-office-700x379 office-home-decor-700x707 pop-art-decor-700x670 home-office-modern-decor-700x373 home-office-decor-700x466


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