This Electrified Brain Is Made of Thousands and Thousands of Drops of Solder


The brain is all about connections. Little jolts of electricity jumping from between thousands of interconnected neurons to send a message. It’s a crazy house up there. This brain is sort of the same way, made with hardly anything but thousands of drops of solder—metal neurons, if you will—and coursing with the energy to light up an LED. Sure, that’s not quite the same as thinking, but it’s still pretty cool.

The piece, called “Light of Thought” was made by Kouichi Okamoto, who painstakingly traced the solder-brain’s pathways with his own hands…and soldering iron. The LED in the middle lights up thanks to the negative electrode that’s the right “lobe” and a positive electrode that’s the left, symbolizing the how two opposite halves work together as a whole to make an idea, or something. Probably that, though.

The whole piece is encased in resin, and is on display at the Libby Sellers Gallery in London from January 10th to the 25th.


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