Stunning-House-on-The-Cliff-In-Spain-1 Stunning-House-on-The-Cliff-In-Spain-1-10 Stunning-House-on-The-Cliff-In-Spain-2 7750 CASA EN CALPE, ALICANTE. CASA DEL ACANTILADO Stunning-House-on-The-Cliff-In-Spain-4 Stunning-House-on-The-Cliff-In-Spain-5

Minimalism is a way of life for many, and for this water front property in Spain– it just so happens that the cliff home is a minimalist, contemporary hideout. Designed by Fran Silvestre Architects in the known area of Calpe, Alicante, Spain; “House on the Cliff” is an artful expression and way of living spanning four floors overlooking the sea.

Jagged mountains separate this all white abode from the rest of the world, complete with a swimming pool, neutral interior furnishings and sleek integrated designs. At just over 2,600 square feet this home feels much more spacious than you might initially think, with sleek patios, floor to ceiling glazing and seamless built ins.

Stunning-House-on-The-Cliff-In-Spain-6 Stunning-House-on-The-Cliff-In-Spain-7 Stunning-House-on-The-Cliff-In-Spain-8 Stunning-House-on-The-Cliff-In-Spain-9 Stunning-House-on-The-Cliff-In-Spain-11 Stunning-House-on-The-Cliff-In-Spain-12 Stunning-House-on-The-Cliff-In-Spain-13 Stunning-House-on-The-Cliff-In-Spain-14 Stunning-House-on-The-Cliff-In-Spain-15 Stunning-House-on-The-Cliff-In-Spain-16 Stunning-House-on-The-Cliff-In-Spain-17 Stunning-House-on-The-Cliff-In-Spain-18 Stunning-House-on-The-Cliff-In-Spain-19 Stunning-House-on-The-Cliff-In-Spain-20 Stunning-House-on-The-Cliff-In-Spain-21


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