Talking Trees Emerge In Sydney’s Hyde Park

slide_255421_1615230_free_detail_em emergence3_492x0_q85_crop-smart_slide

If your flatmate came back from a night out and told you they’d seen talking trees, you’d either think they’d spent the night watching the LOTR trilogy or you’d wonder just what the hell they’d been ingesting. But don’t fear for them, because they might’ve been out experiencing Craig Walsh‘s Emergence, which projects animated people’s faces onto tree tops.

The installation took place in Sydney’s Hyde Park at nightfall as part of the Art & About festival and featured projected faces telling onlookers about the park’s history as a place of protest. Because if you’re going to learn some history a talking tree is a fine way to do it—better than, say, a talking human.

Walsh says that “Utilizing projection and utilizing ephemeral medium allows me to reference histories in a place which couldn’t normally be represented through the monuments or the permanent sculptures that occupy our public places and public parks.” You can check out the photos from the installation below and also some more from a previous project Humannature which utilized a similar technique.

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