The-Edge-Beachfront-Cottage-in-England-1 The-Edge-Beachfront-Cottage-in-England-2 The-Edge-Beachfront-Cottage-in-England-3 The-Edge-Beachfront-Cottage-in-England-4

Who says that beach side bachelor pads have to be multi-million dollar mansions along the coast of southern California? While we always love us some mansions, this cliff side beach cottage is definitely one of our favorite waterfront properties.

With only one bedroom, this little cottage is certainly smaller that most hillside homes with ocean views, but what it lacks in size, it makes up in charm. Fittingly titled ‘The Edge,’ the home is nestled alongside a cliff in Cornwall, England, and is constructed in a sustainable manner with plenty of wood. The home sprawls over 320 square feet, and features a living room in one corner, a kitchen in another, the porch in the third, and of course the bedroom in the fourth corner. The home’s bathroom is located between the porch and the kitchen. Check out some of the photos below.

The-Edge-Beachfront-Cottage-in-England-5 The-Edge-Beachfront-Cottage-in-England-8 The-Edge-Beachfront-Cottage-in-England-6 The-Edge-Beachfront-Cottage-in-England-7


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