Rolls Royce Jonckheere Aerodynamic Coupe II

Rolls-Royce-Jonckheere-Aerodynamic-Coupe-II-7-640x386 Rolls-Royce-Jonckheere-Aerodynamic-Coupe-II-9-640x425 Rolls-Royce-Jonckheere-Aerodynamic-Coupe-II-8-640x444 Rolls-Royce-Jonckheere-Aerodynamic-Coupe-II-6-640x542 Rolls-Royce-Jonckheere-Aerodynamic-Coupe-II-12-640x478

This is the Rolls Royce Jonckheere Aerodynamic Coupe II by UgurSahinDesign. The main goal of this design was to reinterpret the original RR Coupe I, which was built in Belgium by Henri Jonckheere in 1935.

The “Jonckheere Works” was destroyed during WW2 and no records survived, so who designed the original car remains a mystery.

“For us, the original car represents the timeless aspects of automotive art and its impact it can have on a person even after 77 years. The new design was carefully put together with a very crucial thing in mind; “Respect”. It is challenging to re-interpret something from that past which has a very imposing and impressive character like the original car, into a modern shape without losing its core essence. Many things like the proportions and lines, the impression some shapes give, are very essential to re-capture in the new design.”

Rolls-Royce-Jonckheere-Aerodynamic-Coupe-II-11-640x435 Rolls-Royce-Jonckheere-Aerodynamic-Coupe-II-10-640x328 Rolls-Royce-Jonckheere-Aerodynamic-Coupe-II-1-640x451 Rolls-Royce-Jonckheere-Aerodynamic-Coupe-II-2-640x468 Rolls-Royce-Jonckheere-Aerodynamic-Coupe-II-3-640x466 Rolls-Royce-Jonckheere-Aerodynamic-Coupe-II-4-640x452 Rolls-Royce-Jonckheere-Aerodynamic-Coupe-II-5-640x458


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