High-End-Armada-House-in-Victoria-British-Columbia-1 High-End-Armada-House-in-Victoria-British-Columbia-2 High-End-Armada-House-in-Victoria-British-Columbia-3 High-End-Armada-House-in-Victoria-British-Columbia-4 High-End-Armada-House-in-Victoria-British-Columbia-5 High-End-Armada-House-in-Victoria-British-Columbia-6

Super luxe homes are always a sight for sore eyes, and this warm and inviting space located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada is a great example of high end design done right. Planned by KB Design the amazing architectural details go a long way. Simple finishes are combined in the most striking of ways to create a statement.

Couple those things with ocean views and spaces built to entertain, and you’ve got an unparalleled home ready for any situation. Natural curvatures found in nature are also implemented into the architecture and are juxtaposed against any geometric angles that are brought in via glazed panels and sharp roof rises. But the overall statement is a serene, high end home that’s a pleasure to look at.

High-End-Armada-House-in-Victoria-British-Columbia-12 High-End-Armada-House-in-Victoria-British-Columbia-11 High-End-Armada-House-in-Victoria-British-Columbia-10 High-End-Armada-House-in-Victoria-British-Columbia-9 High-End-Armada-House-in-Victoria-British-Columbia-8 High-End-Armada-House-in-Victoria-British-Columbia-7


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