3D Printed LED Pixel Hat Responds To Movement

It’s winter, which is traditionally a time for headwear to guard against the chill, but with New Year’s Eve coming up sometimes you want your headwear to be a little bit party-fabulous. I wouldn’t know anything about that, but Younghui Kim and Yejin Cho do, as they’ve created this 3D printed hat embedded with LEDs that light up, changing when the wearer tilts their head.

Looking like something Zelda Fitzgerald might’ve worn had she invented a time-machine and journeyed to the future to steal some LEDs, it’s called Gravity of Light. And the idea was based on thinking about how light on the surface of the hat would act if it was affected by gravity, as if it were water.

The result is the knitted-looking hat above, covered in lights that react when the wearer moves their head, turning on or off and swaying from side-to-side. It’s a great idea, it’s just a shame it’s only a concept and won’t be in the shops in time for New Year.


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