15-Million-Contemporary-Whistler-Cabin-in-Canada-1 15-Million-Contemporary-Whistler-Cabin-in-Canada-2 15-Million-Contemporary-Whistler-Cabin-in-Canada-3 15-Million-Contemporary-Whistler-Cabin-in-Canada-4 15-Million-Contemporary-Whistler-Cabin-in-Canada-5 15-Million-Contemporary-Whistler-Cabin-in-Canada-6 15-Million-Contemporary-Whistler-Cabin-in-Canada-7

Our journey to find the ultimate contemporary cabin in the woods once again takes us to beautiful Whistler, Canada.

Featured here is the latest dwelling to hit the market from the lush green mountainous area just north of us. This luxury property spans a massive 4,800 square feet of living space, and is nestled on 1 acre of land. If that’s not enough privacy for you, the home itself is surrounded by 5 acres of beautiful green landscape covered in tall trees providing seclusion and intimacy. The home features 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, so it’s big enough to house the whole family. Completed back in 2004, the home has recently hit the market for a whopping $14,995,000.

15-Million-Contemporary-Whistler-Cabin-in-Canada-8 15-Million-Contemporary-Whistler-Cabin-in-Canada-9 15-Million-Contemporary-Whistler-Cabin-in-Canada-10 15-Million-Contemporary-Whistler-Cabin-in-Canada-11 15-Million-Contemporary-Whistler-Cabin-in-Canada-12 15-Million-Contemporary-Whistler-Cabin-in-Canada-13 15-Million-Contemporary-Whistler-Cabin-in-Canada-14


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