X-Large x Akomplice ‘Monkey Wrench Gang’ Capsule Collection

X-Large-x-Akomplice-Monkey-Wrench-Gang-Capsule-Collection-011-630x419 X-Large-x-Akomplice-Monkey-Wrench-Gang-Capsule-Collection-021-630x419 X-Large-x-Akomplice-Monkey-Wrench-Gang-Capsule-Collection-091-630x419 X-Large-x-Akomplice-Monkey-Wrench-Gang-Capsule-Collection-132-630x419 X-Large-x-Akomplice-Monkey-Wrench-Gang-Capsule-Collection-171-630x419 X-Large-x-Akomplice-Monkey-Wrench-Gang-Capsule-Collection-241-630x419

Akomplice and X-Large have come together to form the Monkey Wrench Gang. Through this collaboration, the two brands seek to protect the environment in the places we all call home. “We oppose those who would sacrifice our sacred resources in the name of profit, and we stand with the muckrakers and mischief-makers through history who have championed what is right over what is simply legal. Where the government fails, the citizens must act, and when laws are unjust, they must be broken.”

This collection offers subversive tools to help you in the “resistance,” from an actual monkey wrench to botanical camo gear and even a moleskine-style notebook are all included in the release. Check them all out in the gallery above.

The ‘Monkey Wrench Gang’ Capsule Collection will be available from both Akomplice and X-Large online.

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