Release Reminder: Air Jordan 9 Retro ‘Cool Grey’

Release-Reminder-Air-Jordan-9-Retro-Cool-Grey-01 Release-Reminder-Air-Jordan-9-Retro-Cool-Grey-02 Release-Reminder-Air-Jordan-9-Retro-Cool-Grey-03 Release-Reminder-Air-Jordan-9-Retro-Cool-Grey-04 Release-Reminder-Air-Jordan-9-Retro-Cool-Grey-11

The ‘Cool Grey’ colorway of the Air Jordan 9 Retro is a making a return this Saturday.  Anyone interested in purchasing a pair can pick them up from either an independent retailer or a major such as Foot Locker, etc. UK based shop end clothing has the sneakers available now online. Also, Nike online and Eastbay will have the sneaker in stock at 8am EST on Saturday.

Release-Reminder-Air-Jordan-9-Retro-Cool-Grey-10 Release-Reminder-Air-Jordan-9-Retro-Cool-Grey-09 Release-Reminder-Air-Jordan-9-Retro-Cool-Grey-08 Release-Reminder-Air-Jordan-9-Retro-Cool-Grey-07 Release-Reminder-Air-Jordan-9-Retro-Cool-Grey-06 Release-Reminder-Air-Jordan-9-Retro-Cool-Grey-05


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