Mobb Deep x Supra Infamous Pack

Mobb-Deep-x-Supra-Infamous-Pack-00 Mobb-Deep-x-Supra-Infamous-Pack-001 Mobb-Deep-x-Supra-Infamous-Pack-01 Mobb-Deep-x-Supra-Infamous-Pack-02

Supra has created two shoes with new styles designed by Prodigy of Mobb Deep. ”I don’t want to look like everybody else,” Prodigy said. “I want people to look at me and wonder what I got on, follow my trend. I like to bring something new to the table and Supra goes right along with my whole style.”

The Backwood is a work boot/athletic-shoe hybrid constructed atop a unique sole that has a lightweight and comfortable SUPRAFOAM midsole with a rugged, rubber lug outsole. Prodigy designed the upper with grey suede camouflage and black ballistic nylon.

The Bandit is the result of Prodigy’s take on professional skater, Tom Penny’s signature shoe: a boot inspired mid top with a canvas camouflage and black ballistic nylon upper built on a white, lightweight cup sole.

You can purchase the two styles right now directly from Supra.

Mobb-Deep-x-Supra-Infamous-Pack-05 Mobb-Deep-x-Supra-Infamous-Pack-04 Mobb-Deep-x-Supra-Infamous-Pack-03


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