Villas Suluwilo on Vamizi Island by COA

Image00001_1 Image0000248 Image0000346 Image0000446 Image000189

Check out this paradise place on Vamazi Island, Mozambique. Vamizi’s private villas have been designed by carefully selected award winning South African architects, renowned for their commitment to creative design and sustainable development, creating a unique style of architecture that draws on the multi-cultural influences of Mozambique.

The designs have been chosen to keep the footprint to a minimum and to avoid existing trees and natural features, thus ensuring maximum privacy within two acres of private grounds, and each situated with exclusive beach front access to take full advantage of the spectacular sunsets and sea views.

For more info visit Vamizi Island website and COA. Photos by: Chris Coldicott.

Image0000545 Image0000744 Image0001711 Image0001230 Image0000941


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