Triangular-Extension-VB4-House-1 Triangular-Extension-VB4-House-2 Triangular-Extension-VB4-House-3

dmvA Architecten constructed this small triangular shaped home on a former recreational lot, and though permits and provisioning had restricted a few areas there wasn’t any holding back on the design. Located in Belgium, this A-frame house is a contemporary masterpiece with sleek architectural details.

It’s a pretty small place at just 861 square feet, but the interior looks spacious in a mostly white setting, complete with modern classic furniture and just the essentials. The front and backside of this beautiful space are completely glazed, and the “floating” structure is a sight to see, especially with the stark contrasts in finishes on the outside.

Triangular-Extension-VB4-House-4 Triangular-Extension-VB4-House-5 Triangular-Extension-VB4-House-6 Triangular-Extension-VB4-House-9 Triangular-Extension-VB4-House-10 Triangular-Extension-VB4-House-8 Triangular-Extension-VB4-House-7


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