Oregon-Coast-Beach-House-by-Boora-Architects-1 Oregon-Coast-Beach-House-by-Boora-Architects-2 Oregon-Coast-Beach-House-by-Boora-Architects-3 Oregon-Coast-Beach-House-by-Boora-Architects-4

With a large majority of West Coast projects being in densely populated areas, this Oregon Coastal home looks like its description is a mistake when you see the words “beach house,” but rest assured this home has the best of both worlds.

Boora Architects was at the forefront in the design of this 2865 square foot home, and not only is the setting perfect– but the public and private spaces are just that. Even though there are extensive floor to ceiling glazed panels, hand crafted architectural details protect the different viewing options and openness to the marshlands surrounding the home.

Oregon-Coast-Beach-House-by-Boora-Architects-5 Oregon-Coast-Beach-House-by-Boora-Architects-6 Oregon-Coast-Beach-House-by-Boora-Architects-7 Oregon-Coast-Beach-House-by-Boora-Architects-8 Oregon-Coast-Beach-House-by-Boora-Architects-11 Oregon-Coast-Beach-House-by-Boora-Architects-10 Oregon-Coast-Beach-House-by-Boora-Architects-9


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