Hidden by A2

leibal_hidden_a2_1-500x322 leibal_hidden_a2_5-500x322 leibal_hidden_a2_6-500x322

Name: Hidden

Designer: A2

Location: Huskvarna, Sweden


Hidden is a minimalist design created by Sweden-based designer A2. Hidden is a little desk for laptop computers. Just as the name hints it hides both a function and an object. Hidden can be used as a smallworking station or just as a place to store the computer. Depending on the position of the movable part the computer is either hidden away or easily accessed.

Hidden suits laptops up to 15 inch and can for example be placed in the bedroom, living room or hallway. At just 38 inches wide, I could definitely use something like this in my loft. The only awkward thing would be using the mouse with the computer. Then again, the laptop doesn’t necessarily have to be used inside the drawer area.

leibal_hidden_a2_2-500x322 leibal_hidden_a2_6-500x322 leibal_hidden_a2_31-500x438


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