Club-Med-Kani-in-Maldives-Islands-1 Club-Med-Kani-in-Maldives-Islands-2 Club-Med-Kani-in-Maldives-Islands-3 Club-Med-Kani-in-Maldives-Islands-5

When you are looking for the ultimate destination spot to lounge and relax, there is no better place than Maldives. Home to an assortment of hotels, resorts, and spas this place is truly paradise on Earth.

We are constantly featuring resorts from Indian Ocean based islands, and today we take a closer look at Club Med Kani. Like most of the resorts in the area, Club Med Kani features private bungalows situated on wooden stilts over the crystal clear ocean waters. The perfect way to unwind, this resort offers everything from fantastic restaurants to relaxing massages and spas. The hammocks and sofas suspended over the water are exactly what we picture when we hear the word “paradise.”

Club-Med-Kani-in-Maldives-Islands-12 Club-Med-Kani-in-Maldives-Islands-10 Club-Med-Kani-in-Maldives-Islands-9 Club-Med-Kani-in-Maldives-Islands-16 Club-Med-Kani-in-Maldives-Islands-7


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