subduction-desk-paul-venaille-5 subduction-desk-paul-venaille-4

France-based cabinet maker Paul Venaille’s answer to the theme “fragmentation” of the “diplome des métiers d’art” in cabinet making is the Subduction Desk. Representing the phenomena of a subduction and its features, the desk is composed of two parts: one is fixed and the other is mobile.

subduction-desk-paul-venaille-2 subduction-desk-paul-venaille-1

The desk top is simple wood with two drawers in front. The back section is made of a laminated veneer (300 sheets glued one on the other) symbolizing the rock strata present in the earth’s movement. When it opens, it evokes the passage of a tectonic plate to another. Inside this section there are 12 storage modules (twelve corresponding to the number of existing tectonic plates at the surface of the globe) painted in tones of red and orange that bring to mind the colors of a vocanic eruption.

subduction-desk-paul-venaille-8 subduction-desk-paul-venaille-7


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