Sonoran, The Land Of Luxury Adventure

It is one of the largest deserts of North America and also one of the hottest. Between the animal species, the wild creatures and the typical cactus, the famous Ritz-Carlton decided to raise a hotel. In the plain of Sonoran Desert, the luxurious outlines of the building represent the heart of the brave constructions and the wild travelers who are looking for astonishing scenery.

The beauty of the desert and the hot colours that surrounds it captures the history of the place. From the natives to the legends, every wall was built under this statement. The soul is the main participant of this experience and the adventure is the major guest of those who spend some time in Dove Mountain.

The rooms are filled with woods and richly hued fabrics and the Spanish influence is clear in “Casitas”, the little houses for those who want exclusivity close to the hillsides. The atmosphere of the desert and the western classics is complete under the new activities provided by the hotel: from the cowboys to the cattle wranglers, there’s no impossible thing.

If there is room in your heart for adventure, this place is certainly the right bet for your holidays. Exotic and gritty, Ritz-Carlton makes you forget about latitude and longitude, under the stunning orange and red sunrise of Sonoran.


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