Kenoa Beach Resort

Imagine a private sanctuary of tranquility and balance where the smallest of details have been carefully crafted with your experience in mind. Imagine an escape destined to expand your journey, while ensuring your privacy. Imagine Kenoa, a first wave eco-chic design resort.
Embraced on the north by the resplendent panorama of miles of virgin Atlantic outback and on the east by the turquoise enchantment of the open sea, Kenoa Resort is as wondrous as it is very private, a place where luxury is defined by its earth-given beauty.

Kenoa service style is best described as residential luxury. Intimate without being intrusive. Executed by impeccably trained attendants who capture your preferences and whims without perception, Kenoa – Exclusive Beach Spa and Resort delivers a world-class hideaway experience that only the fortunate few can enjoy, and that Brazil is proud to present.

Inspired by nature’s own primitive forms and calming essences, team Kenoa and Architect Osvaldo Tenorio, joined forces to create the design & architecture of Kenoa – Exclusive Beach Spa & Resort. The project comes with its own genetic code, translated through various references, colors, textures and aromas that promote the relationship between nature, man and the desire for simplicity, privacy, luxury and comfort.

Framed by the golden sands and turquoise blue ocean, the careful design can be appreciated in its small details, created to make being in this location a unique experience. The introduction of this carefully crafted inspiration gave birth to exclusivity. With contemporary art and unique signature elements, Kenoa Resort injects vigor and life into complimentary environments that are seamlessly connected and engaged with nature, contributing to a unique lifestyle


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