Inspiring Artist Draws Incredibly Detailed Cityscapes from Memory

Stephen Wiltshire is an awe-inspiring artist who’s known for his drawings and paintings of detailed cityscapes. His accurate illustrations of famous skylines are drawn sometimes after having only seen it briefly. His recent work (pictured here) is an 18 ft New York Panorama which he drew from memory after a 20-minute helicopter ride over the city. A truly superb talent has an equally amazing story:

Stephen was born in London to West Indian parents on 24th April, 1974. As a child he was mute, and did not relate to other people. Aged three, he was diagnosed as autistic. He had no language and lived entirely in his own world.

At the age of five, Stephen was sent to Queensmill School in London, where it was noticed that the only pastime he enjoyed was drawing. It soon became apparent he communicated with the world through the language of drawing; first animals, then London buses, and finally buildings. These drawings show a masterful perspective, a whimsical line, and reveal a natural innate artistry. He was awarded an MBE for services to the art world in 2006. He studied Fine Art at City & Guilds Art College. His work is popular all over the world, and is held in a number of important collections.

Thumbs up after finishing the New York panorama which you can purchase prints here. There aren’t enough words to describe such immense talent. More examples of his recent remarkable projects below.


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