From Spray Paint, Comes Brilliance: “El Mac” Redefines Graffiti

Some folks might assert that Miles MacGregor was destined for greatness before he was even born. The son of an artist and an engineer, “El Mac” has, throughout his childhood and into his formative years in the ’90s, developed a style uniquely his, pulling widely from his favorite influences, from European classical painters to modern-day photorealists and graffiti artists, further augmented by the Latino flavors of his childhood home of Los Angeles.

His graffiti art murals are game-changers in the realm of hyperrealistic art, many of which have become landmarks in the communities where they are painted. MacGregor’s brand of photorealism and street art are very much in demand, with commissioned murals planted in faraway locals as far north as Canada, as far south as Mexico and Cuba, and all the way around the other side of the rock in Vietnam, Singapore, South Korea, and throughout Europe.


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