New Virtual-Holographic Display Tool for Designers and Architects: zSpace

Professionals in the creative industry and hi-tech enthusiasts will likely be intrigued by the newzSpace display envisioned and implemented by Infinite z. The virtual-holographic experience has a futuristic vibe to it and reinvents the computer interface as we know it. According to the developers, zSpace is aimed at unleashing the full potential of human creativity: “by blending the physical world with a sensory-rich virtual world that people can naturally and intuitively manipulate and navigate, we significantly advance the way we solve problems, learn, teach, communicate and create our world. zSpace is a revolutionary, immerse, interactive 3D environment for computing, creating, communication and entertainment“.

The device ensures that the user has a clear 3D experience, with objects appearing in open space in full color and high resolution. With the help of passive polarized lenses (similar to the 3D glasses you wear in movie theaters) and head tracking, interacting is made easy: “The multi sensory platform provides a highly realistic way to view, manipulate, and communicate complex ideas through direct interaction with zSpace virtual-holographic simulations. They appear realistically solid and can be directly manipulated by using a stylus as if they were actual physical objects.” According to Fast Co. Design, the product resembles a a super-sized tablet with a 24-inch 3D display. Have a look at the short video below for a better understanding of the project and tell us if you believe zSpace will easily integrate in the world of design and architecture.


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