Derek Wilson Ceramics: Function

Function by Derek Wilson Ceramics- “My practice as a ceramist centres on the making of a diverse range of contemporary objects – from the functional to the sculptural. I always start with the same process, the potter’s wheel being my predominant tool, but my work is never static or fixed and in some ways reflects the multifarious identities of contemporary ceramics – a twenty-first century hybridization of studio potter and conceptual artist. Blending of the abstract to the familiar, evident in both the functional ware and sculpture that I make. My objects, in their colour, shape and materiality, reference the ideas of restraint, containment and minimalism. My search for a simplicity of form draws inspiration upon a diverse range of sources from mid-century British Constructivism to the history of the ceramic industry in Europe and Asia. I work in celadon glazed porcelain and stoneware and my objects, whether they are made to be used or not, tend to be placed in groupings – evoking communality and sociability. My aim is to push the boundaries of a traditional and diverse artform through playing with its aesthetics, materiality and processes. My ideas spring from a complex.”- Words and photos: Courtesy of Derek Wilson


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